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Instant Screen Sharing | ScreenleapLet others see your desktop computer screen quickly and simply. Just click the button on the website and let the Java app run. You’ll see a link to send to others so they can see you r screen. Viewers can be on a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. No signup needed. Free. Create a free account to claim your custom URL. Your contacts can use that URL to join your “broadcasts”. No audio at this time. 

(via: @shannonmiller)

Meograph: Four-dimensional storytelling

Meograph: Four-dimensional storytelling.  A new timeline tool with a twist. Link your story to a google map. Add photos and web content, record your narrative and connect the story to the real world locations where the story took place. Great for biographies, historical studies, ‘lit tours’ and more. | the easiest way to share files online.

Share files up to 250 MB for free without any signup. Just drag & drop file onto the pastelink web page. File is uploaded and a download link is provided. Great for students who don’t have email addresses.

Register to share larger files (up to 2GB)

Files are only stored for 7 days though.